“The world is connected
and there’s somebody
making those connections. 
I think it should be you."

Frans Johannson, innovation expert

When two brands come together and tap into the chemistry between them to write new stories, pure magic can happen.  I talked jewelry x fashion collaborations with Bianca Quets Luzi (CEO Raf Simons), Elise Taillieu (CEO Wouters & Hendrix), Saskia Govaerts (founder Studio Collect) and Dodi Espinosa (artist) for the first edition of the event TO COLLAB OR NOT, organized by the City of Antwerp.  

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How to brand an emotionally loaded product like jewelry? 
I asked experts Ismahen Gazdallah (Fayahen), Iris Van der Veken (Watch & Jewellery Initiative 2030), Edwart Verté (DPT) and Salima Thakker.

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“My goal is to convey images without words."

Tom Barman

Tom Barman is the front man of Belgian rockband dEUS, film director and exhibition curator. What are similarities and differences between fashion and the industries Tom is active in?  I asked him.

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In honor of the Week of Belgian Fashion, FashionUnited explored what 'Belgian fashion' means today. Brandon Wen, director of the fashion department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, Viviane van Werelyckhuysen from ROSIER 41 and myself shared our vision.

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At the start of the corona epidemic, 16 young Belgian brands shared an open letter spilling their hearts out. I had the honor to verbalize their concerns in a letter, convinced the ‘Ik koop Belgisch’ movement would prove its worth in difficult times (which it did!).

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“The retailer becomes more of a curator.”

Geert Bruloot, founder Coccodrillo

What’s the future of retail?  I asked store owner Geert Bruloot and futurist Tom Palmaerts.

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The 35th anniversary of Wouters & Hendrix turned out to be the perfect moment to sharpen the brand’s story. What that has to do with Netflix and golden staplers? I'm explaining.

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Pre-ordering is on the rise. Is it the one-size-fits-all solution for the typical bottlenecks of a fashion company? I immersed myself in the theme.

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