“Today, everything and everyone is a brand.  After all, we don't so much buy a product as link ourselves to the universe of the brand behind it. And we tend to only do that with a brand that gets its story right.  I help jewelry and fashion brands to write and rewrite their story time and time again.”

Jasmijn Verlinden

How can I help you?


A chocolate necklace as a business gift materializes particularly strikingly what I stand for.  And that to me is the heart of branding: allowing every detail to ooze your brand.  In my online course ‘What's your chocolate necklace? Turn your jewelry collection into a brand’ I challenge you to find your own chocolate necklace(s).


Do you need assistance defining the building blocks of your brand?  Do you find it hard to dive into the head and heart of your ideal customer? Are you curious to learn how to use language to your advantage?  During a workshop in Dutch or English, we capture and structure what is floating around and make it tangible in relevant cases.


Looking at your jewelry or fashion brand with a pair of fresh eyes requires a 'step out of the mud', the operational reality of everyday life. During sparring sessions in Dutch or English, I reach out to help you get out of that mud.


Branding is all about thinking and acting from your brand identity. Always and everywhere.  You can count on me to come up with concepts that will bring your jewelry or fashion brand to life.


I strongly believe in the power of language as a brand enhancer.  I always strive for exactly the right word in exactly the right place and write and speak passionately about my expertise in both Dutch and English.

"My first meeting with Jasmijn was a veritable aha-erlebnis, I instantly yearned for more. More of that knowledge, depth, drive and layering."

Maayke Ruyffelaere, MAIWE

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