My story

That I would work in fashion was written in the stars.  Even as a little girl, I was fascinated by the way designers breathe fire into lifeless fabric, leather, silver or gold.  How they see fashion as a Gesamtkunstwerk that does not end at the hem of a fabric, on the edge of a bag or at the clasp of a piece of jewelry.
After studying art history and a year of business school, I spent 10 years working at the intersection of creativity and business.  I translated a personal challenge to buy only local fashion into the ‘Ik koop Belgisch' campaign, brought the world's most expensive diamond boots to Hong Kong, ran an editorial page about local brands for the weekend supplement of a newspaper, coordinated a Wunderkammer expo at the Antwerp diamond museum ...

As the marketing manager of world-renowned Belgian jewelry house Wouters & Hendrix, my job was to capture the spirit of the founders and bring it to life time and again.

En cours de route, I became fascinated by the magic of a clear brand identity.  It turned out to be both a compass, a filter and a scale.  And something I just couldn't get enough of.

Today, as a brand architect, it is my daily task to look at jewelry and fashion brands through a triplet lens.  I help them focus on the cornerstones of their story.  And to always think, act, speak, write, dream in line with those pillars... so that ' the story is right ' for a relevant end customer.
Among others Wouters & Hendrix, Woche, Studio Collect, Lore Van Keer, Anna Rosa Moschouti, Jasmien Witvrouwen, Hannelore Knuts, UNRUN, Janue, De Lana, Lies Mertens, Atelier Content and Maiwe trust me with their brands.

My mission

As an art historian, artistry sits at the heart of everything I do. I am a treasure hunter with a weakness for jewelry and fashion.  It fascinates me immensely how designers combine creativity and wearability. It is my mission to get their treasures to the right jewelry box or closet.

I nurture a love of savoir-faire. For things that are beautifully, well and cleverly made.  The creativity, knowledge, passion, and obsession with detail that I admire so much in the craftsmen I work with and for, are also what I put into my métier.
It takes one to know one. I follow my own path idiosyncratically and connect happily and well with other 'contraires'. I understand and encourage their drive for a picture that is absolutely right.  Towards a brand that lives and authentically conveys what it stands for so that the right customer is intuitively triggered.

I work with brands but mostly with people. My projects are often temporary, the connection with 'my' brands is not.  I am a sounding board, a listening ear, a curator, a connector.

"Jasmijn exposes obstacles with amazing precision and reaches out to alternatives in the same breath.  She is one of the first who truly understood UNRUN and propelled it in the right direction."
Elodie Ouedraogocreative co-founder UNRUN 42I54

My take on branding

Today, everything and everyone is a brand.  After all, we don't so much buy a product as link ourselves to the universe of the brand behind it. And we tend to only do that with a brand that gets its story right.  I help brands to write and rewrite their story.

I help brands to find their voice. I get them out of the founder's head and heart and make them tangible in words and images for team and client.

I don't re-invent anything.  I dig deep and ask a lot of questions.  I capture and structure what is floating around. I make the abstract tangible.  The emotional negotiable.  I identify the universal in the anecdotal. I uncover the heart and soul of brands, beyond trends and competitors.

I am a passionate advocate of the power of language as a brand amplifier.  I steer clear from container terms and platitudes.  I always strive for exactly the right word in exactly the right place.

I believe that every contact moment, big or small, is an opportunity for brands to anchor themselves.  That branding is a matter of thinking and acting from within the brand identity, always and everywhere.  I develop tools and offer advice with which one can work with independently, every day.

It is people who breathe life into brands. For me, branding is therefore mainly about initiating a mindset shift among everyone involved with a brand.  After all, how the phone is answered at a brand often sticks much more than a costly campaign.